Charity is something that many in society already practice but to the Freemason, it is a very special commitment and one particularly close to their hearts.

Freemasonry is one of the UK’s largest givers to charities and worthwhile causes. The brethren not only support Masonic Charities and National and International disasters but also give freely to local charities and worthy causes. All the money for these causes is raised from within the Lodge, Province or the United Grand Lodge of England and Wales – and never through street collections or any other public area.

At a candidate’s first meeting, the importance of charity is fully explained and he is encouraged to ‘give freely’ but only if it is without detriment to his family or personal circumstance.

The welfare of Lodge members and their families is aided and accessed through the Lodge Almoner who will visit the sick, infirm and bereaved family, whilst liaising with Derbyshire Provincial Office should specialist care be needed. Private treatment can be arranged in certain circumstances together with other welfare / financial issues in a totally confidential way, though some contribution towards costs may be required.

The Phoenix Lodge of St Ann has made contributions to the following causes :-

  • Nightstop & Foodbank
  • St. Peter’s Church Memorial Appeal
  • Fairfield Band
  • High Peak Women’s Aid
  • Guide Scandihop
  • Blyth House
  • DLR Air Ambulance
  • MS Society